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lavender aromatherapy guide

Lavender Aromatherapy
By Nadia Cyrus

Lavender Aromatherapy an Excellent Remedy for Many Ailments

While the FDA may say that they do not regulate herbs in relation to treating a variety of ailments, they do have a listing of some which have proven to help with a variety of ailments. Lavender is one of these herbs that has been long used in such problems as depression, anxiety, alopecia, upset stomach and even skin conditions like eczema. While lavender can be ingested, it is best when used in the form of lavender aromatherapy for many ailments.

Lavender aromatherapy is a successful treatment for those people with depression because of its calming properties. The smell of this herb is light and easy on the nose all the while producing a feeling of general well-being. New moms going through post partum depression would benefit from lavender as well as people with Seasonal Affective Disorder and other related depressive conditions.

The cells in your brain react to the smell of lavender aromatherapy to create small chemical reactions which help lift the fog from your brain, calm the irrational senses and ease anxiety. Dementia and other agitated states could also benefit from the lavender as the herb seems

to "speak" to the brain cells involved in creating the anxiety and similar conditions.

There are a few ways to carry out your lavender aromatherapy plan in order to reap the general well-being you would like. First of all, you can purchase the lavender essential oil and put a drop or two into your warm bathwater so not only would you be inhaling it in you would also be soaking in it as well with the result being silky soft skin.

As part of your lavender aromatherapy, you should mix some of the lavender with carrier oil and use it for body or foot massages, producing a languid feeling. The plant itself can be picked to brew for tea or to boil up to create recipes such as one to ease an upset stomach. Breathing in the aroma of lavender is the most popular way to benefit from lavender aromatherapy as well as being the most popular.

The lavender can be put into potpourri around the home or even on cotton balls that could then be placed in drawers and around the home. Diffusers and light rings are other ways that lavender aromatherapy can be practiced and are also top ways to eject the lovely smell of this purple herb into the area for you to breathe in. All in all, lavender aromatherapy is one of the more popular and widely accepted forms of alternative health care.

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