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aromatherapy spray guide

Aromatherapy Spray
By Nadia Cyrus

What Can You Do With Aromatherapy Sprays?

With the rise in popularity of aromatherapy, there are more and more aromatherapy goodies to buy and to receive as gifts. Perhaps some well-meaning friend, co-worker or family member gave you aromatherapy sprays as a gift. Since they have an expiration date on them, it's generally not acceptable to regift them. So, you're stuck with them. What can you do with them?

Don't worry – you won't LITERALLY scare the crap out of your cat. It's just an expression. But if you have a problem with a misbehaving kitty – such as scratching the furniture or chewing electrical cords – then an aromatherapy spray might work in helping you to cure your cat's unwanted behavior. Just squirt in their direction with the aromatherapy spray when you catch them in the act. Don't squirt in their faces. You could also spray where you don’t want them to be. Cats do not like citrus smells like lemon or orange. So, if your kitty likes dining on your electrical cords, you could try dousing the cords with aromatherapy spray. For all behavior problems, please see your vet for the best advice. Improve

The Atmosphere


you use any aromatherapy sprays on yourself, read the directions. There are many different kinds of aromatherapy sprays. Some are for the body, some are for air fresheners and some are used for linens or fabrics. Don't just assume that all aromatherapy sprays are alike – they aren't. What does this aromatherapy spray claim to do? Calm you down, relax you or wake you up?

Essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, chamomile and marjoram are well known for their relaxing properties. Essential oils like citrus fruits, bergamot, basil or rosemary are known for their energizing properties. Aromatherapy often works whether you believe in it or not, because it work on the subconscious. Before the kids come home and start their usual arguments, use the aromatherapy sprays to perfume some calm into the air. If you are allowed, use the aromatherapy sprays at work around your work station.

Those who come in contact with your work area should involuntarily take breaths and relax. And, worse comes to worse and you know you, your family, and your co workers would hate them, don’t just throw them out. Please donate them to thrift stores that give all of the proceeds to charity. They have a very high turn around, so they will be snapped up.

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