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aromatherapy fragrance guide

Aromatherapy Fragrance
By Nadia Cyrus

Lavender An Essential Aromatherapy Fragrance

Much has been documented over the last several years about aromatherapy and it's benefits. More people are realizing the healing power of these essential oils all the time. One of the most popular and widely used aromatherapy fragrances is lavender. This is also probably the first one that comes to mind when people think about aromatherapy fragrances. Here we will take a closer look at lavender and it's effects and see why it has become so popular.

What Is It?

Lavender is an herb that was originally discovered in the Mediterranean countries. Immediately, it was found to have many useful qualities, aside from it's pleasant aroma. It was put to use by the ancient Romans because of it's healing and cleansing abilities. Ever since that time, more practical uses have been found for this unique herb.

Modern Uses

Today, it's hard to even put a number on the amount of uses for this aromatherapy fragrance. Many people simply use it as a fragrant addition to their flower gardens. Just the smell of this flower can bring a peaceful and relaxing state of mind. This is one of the

major uses of lavender. It has been used to reduce anger and relieve stress. It is often used as part of massage therapy to induce a state of total relaxation. Because of this, it is also sometimes used as a remedy for insomnia. Having this aromatherapy fragrance nearby at bedtime will relax you and help you forget about the stress of the day. This will help sleep come more easily.

Aside from the effects of lavender as an aromatherapy fragrance, this plant has many other physical benefits that have been known for thousands of years. One of these is that it has a disinfectant property that has been used for ages. All through history, this herb has been used for treating wounds and other injuries. In WWI and WWII, it was used to help fight infection when other medical supplies were running short. The oil derived from lavender, when mixed with some type of carrier oil, has been known to be effective as a pain reliever. Rubbing this compound on the temples has been known to relieve headache pain. As you can see, lavender is probably one of the most useful herbs the world has ever known. From it's aromatherapy fragrance, to it's healing and cleansing qualities, to it's beauty and aroma in the flower garden, the list of uses continues to grow.

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