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aromatherapy machine guide

Aromatherapy Machine
By Nadia Cyrus

 Part of the appeal of the ever-growing universe of aromatherapy products is that they made with mostly natural ingredients. Often, these natural ingredients can help those who have bad reactions to synthetic cleaners or medicines. So, when you hear about an aromatherapy machine, you do have wonder if the machine part is also made of natural ingredients? Actually, no. The machine part is man-made.

An aromatherapy machine is basically an adjusted humidifier. Remember humidifiers? They were the pediatrician's aspirin when I was a kid in the 1970's. They were prescribed for everything from allergies to menstrual cramps. They turned your ordinary bedroom into a Louisiana swamp. And what this writer really hates about them is that they appear to work for lots of medical conditions…but definitely not menstrual cramps.

Some aromatherapy machines have really spiffy additions to help you in a total relaxation experience – or, as close as you can get without soaking in a mineral mud pit in a luxury spa. They can include white noise machines, which artificially sound like ocean waves or rainfall, which can help mask noises that can wake you up.


aromatherapy machines will be referred to as "diffusers" in catalogues or stores. So, if you get a blank stare when you ask for an aromatherapy machine, as for an aromatherapy diffuser. It might make a difference. A diffuser is a gizmo that squirts a very fine mist into the air. In this case, the mist is a hydrosol of water and essential oils.

Before you rush out to get one of these aromatherapy machines for your work or business space, take a deep breath. They are usually around $100 (US). But you must be sure you understand how the aromatherapy machine works BEFORE you buy it. This will save you from a lot of stress the aromatherapy machine was supposed to fix in the first place. Some aromatherapy machines will only be able to spray one scent at a time.

However, some will have a storehouse of up to four or even six scents that you choose from. You need to know how you can refill these scents before buying a machine. These refills have to be considered into the total cost of the machine. You also need to know how long it runs. Some only run for fifteen minutes before they automatically turn off. Others take an hour. Generally, aromatherapy machines do make a noise when they spray, which may not be so soothing.

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